Check the difference between Capital and Lowercase of i and L:


i = Small i
I = Capital I
l = Small l
L = Capital L

Why this website? website can help you differentiate between lower case, UPPER CASE in i or L. You can input your sentences or words in the input section. Sometimes, the English language is very confusing. For words like "Illinois," it's tough to see the actual difference between i or L without the help of our website. Some people even get confused between 1 and I and l. This website can make your life easier.

i or L

Frequently Asked Questions

Find some of the FAQs regarding this website below:

Once you have opened this website, simply input any word or sentence in the input section of this website. It will automatically show visual difference between i or L in lower case or UPPER CASE.

Javascript must be enabled in the browser to use this website. Without Javascript, this website may not work as expected.

Absolutely not! This website is built on HTML and Javascript. This website works with client side script - Javascript. We do not save any input data on our servers and we do not sell data to any adversitment company.